Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Healing Jewelry

Healing can be accomplished using any combination of tools. As a holistic health nurse, I facilitate the process of moving forward with kinesiology, flower essences, color, affirmations, brain hemisphere integration exercises and numerous other techniques.

What I especially love to do is create a piece of jewlery that balances the chakras. Using color, gem stone properties, reiki, intention and a lot of love, a unique healing bracelet or necklace becomes just what the doctor (or in this case..nurse) orders.

For example, this bracelet is made with a Swarovski crystal called Fire Opal. It is a brilliant orange with lots of sparkle and "bling". This particular color is wonderful for balancing Second or Reproductive Chakra ~ the energy center that relates to sex, power, money and the sweetness of our soul.

Healing never looked or felt so good!