Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DNA Inspired Jewelry

Lately, I have made and sold necklaces that remind me of the RNA/DNA strands.

They are fun to make. It is a Russian Spiral stitch woven with bugle and seed beads. Once I get it started I can bead and watch "Dancing with the Stars" at the same time!

I know when I first started beading, I was so intrigued with the Russian Spiral stitch. I couldn't imagine how you got the beads to spiral. Once I learned the stitch, the next challenge was to find interesting ways to work with different materials and create new looks.

If you already know how to do the Russian Spiral, have fun with it and create new color options and designs. The sky's the limit!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lightning Bolt Necklace

I am one of those beadweavers who loves a project that requires hours of beading. Why? Because I simply like the process of taking one bead at a time and creating a beautiful design.

My best friend, Mary, needed donations for a fundraiser for a family member who requires much support with medical bills, so it was the perfect opportunity to make something special that might also bring in some money for the great cause.

This is a flame stitch which is a 2 drop peyote stitch with 4 different turns. It's more difficult to watch "Dancing with the Stars" while making this! If I look up, I lose my place, so I work on it little bits at a time. But, I love the end result.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fuchsia ... a Neutral?

Lately, I have been trying to convince people (ok, first my daughter) that fuchsia is a neutral. I got an eye roll from my daughter and blank stares from others.
My thinking is this. Fuchsia looks great on everyone regardless of eye, hair or skin color. It is also the color crystal that I use the most for the pieces of jewelry that sell the most! It was also the color of my mother-of-the-bride dress and I think I looked hot!

Next time you are shopping, take a minute and try on something that had fuchsia in it and see if you don't look fabulous!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Web Site

I am happy to announce that I have created a new web site for my jewelry design:

I am still featured on with a web site: and also on art fire:

I appreciate any feedback, as I do not claim to be a web designer. However, I do feel an inner geek presenting herself!

Here is a new piece of jewelry, originally designed for my daughter's wedding. We decided to use different color combinations for the bridesmaids, so I now have a beautiful Russian Spiral bracelet looking for a good home!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wedding Jewelry

My daughter has chosen navy dresses with pink sashes for her bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. I have had the great fortune to make the jewelry for the maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids, 2 junior bridesmaids and 2 flower girls. We chose the single spiral stitch for each necklace, but each one has a different variation.

Here is a sampling. Can't wait to see them on all the girls!: