Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sharing the Excitement of Sparkle and Bling

The internet allows us to share ourselves with the world! "Word of mouth" takes on a whole new meaning. In a matter of hours, videos can go "viral." Although I am still a novice in the geek world, I am finding ways to get myself and my jewelery out there for people to see. I'd like to share some sites that everyone can enjoy as a buyer or a seller.

More and more people are aware of etsy as a premier site for crafty people. It is a very inexpensive way to get your products out there with an easy to use website. It is also a wonderful way to meet other creative people and support small business. For buyers - you will find unusual products that could never be found at a mall!

My page: www.gingerbeaddesigns.etsy.com

I have had a great deal of fun on flickr, a website for displaying your favorite photos ranging from your family, your pets, your jewelry, your passions, your favorite places, etc. It is endless what you can upload on your own site. The first 200 uploaded photos are free. I have also made contacts with people around the world by joining groups and having conversations with those who share similar passions.

My page: www.flickr.com/photos/gingerbeaddesigns

Recently, I've joined the fun on an auction site: www.Tophatter.com

I'm still learning the ropes, but I was able to sell a bracelet last week and I look forward to selling another one tonight. Fingers crossed. 
Let me just say, that this can be very addicting. Decide ahead of time what you are willing to spend or know how much money you have in your PayPal account.

These are just three sites that are easy to use, inexpensive and a simple way of getting known in the big, wide world of the web! Buyers - again, the sky is the limit as it relates to creativity. You will find the most amazing things.


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